What's a Moodle?

Moodle is an open source course management system launched in 2002, adopted by GSLIS in 2006. It is used for all GSLIS classes (both on campus and LEEP) as a virtual coursespace, where students view their grades, participate in forum discussions, access their online classes (if applicable), and take exams, among many other things.

This guide is intended to prepare members of the GSLIS community to teach and learn using Moodle's rich toolset; it will cover Moodle's major components, as well as provide a few tips about navigation and communication within it. If you're looking for official documentation, you can check out moodle.org.

GSLIS's Moodle page is located at https://courses.lis.illinois.edu. You can also access the page by going to the main GSLIS site and hitting "login" on the right side by the search bar.

If you'd like to follow along on an actual Moodle page while working your way through this tutorial, ITD provides a practice space, called Moodle 101, where you can get comfortable working with Moodle's different features [note: GSLIS login required].

As of August 2015, the GSLIS Moodle has been updated to version 2.8 including a new background and features. This tech tutorial reflects Moodle version 2.6, but much of the functionality and modules are still relevant. ITD will update the Moodle tutorial accordingly in the coming months. Please contact itd@support.lis.illinois.edu with any questions about Moodle.

Additional Resources:

If you are a new GSLIS student, are taking a GSLIS course for the first time, or just need a refresher, this guide is intended to provide information complementing the orientation sessions offered at the beginning of each semester. Please view our welcome page and the main Moodle page for more information about training and orientation sessions. Please also feel free to contact help@support.lis.illinois.edu if you have additional questions or would like to request individual training.

If you are a GSLIS instructor, this guide is intended to provide the basic information you will need to set up your course space. We strongly recommend scheduling individual or group training with the Instructional Technology & Design Office in advance of your first semester of teaching online or using Moodle. In addition, we are always happy to schedule refresher sessions. Please feel free to contact help@support.lis.illinois.edu if you have additional questions or would like to request individual training.

If at any point you have questions, concerns, or would like individual assistance or training, please feel free to contact the Instructional Technology and Design Office in person at GSLIS Room 318, by phone at 217-244-9555 (local) or 1-800-377-1892 (toll-free), or by email at help@support.lis.illinois.edu.