Blackboard Collaborate Session Headset Examples

In order to avoid audio feedback, Blackboard Collaborate Session participants and presenters are required to use headset microphones. ITD recommends purchasing a headset that connects via a USB port. Using only headphones and the computer's internal microphone will cause feedback and/or echos for everyone in the session but you. USB headsets are more dependable and compatible overall (Windows 7 users frequently encounter driver issues with non-usb headsets). The headset that ITD staff generally use is highlighted in yellow.

Product Connector Range Price Reviews/Purchase Compatibility
Windows Vista/XP/7/*10 Mac OS X Linux
Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset USB 8 ft $23.95 Google Review
Amazon Page
Y* Y Y - confirmed on Ubuntu 11.10 (64 bit) and Kubuntu 9.04 (64 bit)
Sennheiser PC 36 USB Headset with Microphone USB 8 ft $56.95 Amazon Page Y Y Undocumented
Logitech H340 USB Connector Supra-aural Headset USB 6 ft $32.28 Newegg Page Y* Y Undocumented
Microsoft L2 LifeChat LX-3000 USB Connector Circumaural Headset USB 6 ft $21.99 Newegg Page Y Y Undocumented

Some people have had success using headsets with single or dual 3.5 mm inputs, but since they have caused many problems in the past we do not recommend them. Mac tends to have more problems with these than Windows machines: On many Macs 3.5 mm headsets won't work properly without purchasing additional hardware like an iMic. Additionally surround sound headsets will NOT work in Blackboard Collaborate.

While it is sometimes possible to use iPhone headphones that have built-in microphones for programs like Skype, these headsets can cause heavy interference in Blackboard Collaborate sessions. For information on configuring your headset for use in Blackboard Collaborate please consult our Blackboard Collaborate Audio FAQ. You may, however, want to conduct your own research. In this case, we suggest starting with the following:

Are you a Linux user? Have you found a headset that works well? We'd like to hear from you. Please e-mail us at