Blackboard Collaborate

A guide to using Blackboard Collaborate (BBC) for School of Information Sciences LEEP Courses

Introducing Blackboard Collaborate at School of Information Sciences:

Blackboard Collaborate, also known as BBC, is a web conferencing application that allows people at a distance to interact synchronously in collaborative and meaningful ways. This application relies primarily on audio, video, and chat functions but users can also share desktops, explore websites together, and share slides all in real-time!

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Experience

As of Friday, November 13th, Blackboard Collaborate's new web based conferencing system, called Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, became available as part of the University of Illinois campus license. Users logging in from Moodle will be prompted with a new screen asking if they would like to switch to the new system. For the remainder of the Fall 2015 semester, we are asking users NOT to switch to the Ultra experience because no class sessions have been loaded on the new platform. Please select "No Thanks, I'll switch later" on the new welcome screen. More information and opportunities to test/try the new version and a timetable for switching will be available soon.

Tutorial Topics at a Glance

Topic Description
Getting Started The pages in this section cover the system requirements necessary to access School of Information Sciences Blackboard Collaborate Live Sessions and the login process. The system requirements guide includes hardware, software, and network information.
How-To This section provides a brief introduction to the Blackboard Collaborate interface, including tips on participating and presenting in class.
Additional Resources These pages provide answers to common troubleshooting problems, instructions on how to access BBC Live Session recordings, and an overview of the BBC Mobile interface. Note: ITD does not recommend using BBC mobile; it is included as a last resort alternative.