Info City Lectures 2008-2016
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Fall 2016: Thursdays 11-11:50, unless otherwise noted, in Henderson Room (LIS 131)
Founded and hosted by Associate Professor Kate Williams and Professor Emeritus Abdul Alkalimat
UIUC iSchool, formerly the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS), 501 E Daniel Street, Champaign, IL

Ninth Annual Info City Lectures (2016)

September 8. Darryl Hoemann, local photographer and retired photo editor with the Champaign News-Gazette: Photography shifted from film to files.  Video | Slides

September 15. Greg Lambeth, local birdwatching teacher, guide, photographer: Birdwatching in digital transition.  Video

September 22. Harriett Green, UI Library: Publishing Without Walls, a project of U of I supporting digital humanities at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and elsewhere.  Video

September 29. Paul Arroyo, electronic publisher, UI Press: The evolution of the digital book  Video

October 27. Jack Linchuan Qiu, professor, the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Journalism and Communication: Book talk on his study of tech factory workers in China, Goodbye iSlave: A Manifesto for Digital Abolition Talk at 9 am, via skype   Video

November 3. Pattie Piotrowski, recently named university librarian, University of Illinois at Springfield: Academic libraries and their immediate local communities in the digital age  Video

November 10. Hui Yan, associate professor, Renmin University Department of Information Resources Management: Digital citizenship in urban and rural China Talk at 9 am, via skype

November 17. Mike Smeltzer, designer and implementer, UC2B project building broadband across Champaign-Urbana, and colleague TBA: Community broadband in Champaign Urbana

Eighth Annual Info City Lectures (2015)

September 10. Peter Resnick, Internet Engineering Task Force. Video

September 17. Chris Hamb, Chrisp Media. Video

September 24. Laurie Matheson, Jennifer Comeau, Linda Schuh, and Paul Arroyo, U of I Press. Video

October 1. Brenda Nyandiko Sanya, Phd Student, Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership. Video

October 8. Mike Smeltzer, CITES, UC2B and beyond. Video

October 22. Carol Ammons, Illinois State Representative. Video

October 29. M. C. Neal, Urbana Free Library. Video

November 5. Carolyn Anthony, Skokie Public Library. (VIA SKYPE) Audio

November 12. Alroy Scott and Tod Petrie, Illini Bookstore. Video

Friday, November 20. Librarian Alison Macrina presents her Library Freedom Workshop. This extended lecture ran from 9 to noon.  Video (incomplete / ends at 1:27) | Audio | Slides as pdf

Seventh Annual Info City Lectures (2014)

September 4. Celeste Choate, Executive Director, The Urbana Free Library. Video | Slides

September 11. Will Kent, Brooke Bahnsen and Ed Remus, Three graduates of the Community Informatics program at GSLIS working in public libraries. Video

September 25. Kristina Hoerner, Champaign Public Library Adult Services Manager. Video | Slides

September 27. Mark Henderson, Chief Information Officer of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This event was the Information City Lecture Series first community-based lecture. It was held from 2 to 3:30 p.m., Saturday, September 27, at the Champaign Public Library. Video

October 2. Noah Lenstra, Aging in the Information City. Noah is a PhD candidate in Library & Information Science researching how community institutions support the digital literacy of older adults. Video | Slides

October 9. Chris Hamb, Info City. Chris Hamb is founder and director of Chrisp Media. Video

October 16. Kerris Lee and Brian Bell, Kerris Lee is the founder of CTRL Shift (Creative.Technology.Research.Lab.) Shifting Education. Teaching K-12 students how to computer program. Brian Bell is the founder of the Digital Equality Initiative. Video

October 23. Mike Smeltzer and Levi Dinkla, High-speed broadband. Mike Smeltzer, former primary investigator of UC2B and retired Director of Networking, CITES, University of Illinois will discuss UC2B origins and history. Levi Dinkla, vice president, iTV-3, will discuss the current state and future of high-speed fiber optic broadband access in Champaign-Urbana. Video | Mike Smeltzer Slides | Levi Dinkla Slides

October 30. Laura Frerichs, University of Illinois Research Park Director and Director of Economic Development for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. Video | Slides

November 6. Hui Yan, The Information City in China. Associate Professor in Information Resources Management, University of Nankai Business School. Video | Slides

November 13. Julia Hersberger, A study of how the homeless use free cell phones to expand their information networks. Hersberger is a faculty member in the Library and Information Studies Department of the School of Education at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Slides | Audio

November 20. David Keyes, Community Technology Program Manager, City of Seattle Department of Information Technology. Video | Slides.

December 4. Scott Bonner, Ferguson (Missouri) Municipal Public Library, Information City Lecture Series. Video | Chat [Note: audio disrupted during last 10 minutes of lecture].

Why a new name? (2014)

For six years GSLIS has sponsored ten Digital Divide Lectures each fall. This year we continue under a new name: the Info City Lectures. But the digital divide has not disappeared. So why the change?

These lectures and our other work have taught us that the digital divide is not only a simple matter of haves and have nots. It is the have-nots, the have-less, and the have-mores. It is in motion, expanding from computers to phones to chips everywhere. Old applications (email) are joined by new ones (social media). It is pervasive in our work, education, culture, and daily lives. Yet some data is plentiful, some non-existent, and most of it not shared or even understood. Looking at it sector by sector, there are many surprises.

Through all this, an information city is coming into being. The industrial city was a result of all kinds of forces. This time around, can we be more conscious and deliberate? Can we make sure the outcomes work for all of us?

This means conversation, so the Digital Divide Lectures become the Info City Lectures.

It also means work. So far infocitycu includes:
1. Connectivity: affordable broadband
2. Computers: recycled and updated
3. Public computing: open and functioning labs
4. Cybernavigators: supporting people at public computing sites
5. Community help desk: an IT department for the community
6. Cyberspace: online content of, by, and for the community
7. Annual community meeting: to keep it all on track and transparent

infocitycu builds on UC2B and its Community Benefit Fund. And on PLATO, Prairienet, and many more campus and community innovations. It is currently led by four partners -- Chrisp Media, Digital Equality Initiative, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of African-American Studies, and the Graduate School of Library & Information Science Community Informatics Research Lab -- and is gaining supporters. Implementation is the task, but the concept is simple: Connected we stand!

Sixth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series (2013)

September 5. Marisa Duarte, Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow for American Indian Studies. Video

September 12. Maria Mobasseri, Department Chair of Computer Science and Information Technology, Parkland College. discussion handout

September 19. Brian Bell, Digital Equality Initiative. Video

September 26. Mike Smeltzer, UC2B. Video | Slides |Map

October 10. George Reese, Director of Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, University of Illinois  |  EtoysIllinois  |  Public Engagement Portal  |  Video

October 10. Marina Kukso, LocalWiki. Skype Video

October 17. Dave Witzany, Interim Station Manager, WEFT-FM, Champaign, IL. Audio | Slides

October 24. Raphaëlle Bats, École nationale supérieure des sciences de l'information et des bibliothèques (ENSSIB), France’s National School of Information Science and Libraries On the way to participatory democracy in libraries: from political discourse to communication to publics. Video

October 31. Annie Abbott, University of Illinois Spanish, Italian & Portuguese Department, How Do You Say Digital Divide in Spanish? Community-Campus Partnerships with Spanish-Speakers. Website | Video | Slides

November 7. Neo Blagness, TruBu Press, Defying The Prime Directive: The Dangers of Filling Rather Than Bridging The Digital Divide. Video

November 21. Sarah Christensen and Merinda Hensley ExploreCU. Website | Video

Fifth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series (2012)

All 2012 Videos

September 5. Mike Smeltzer, UC2B, and UIUC Director of Networking. Video

September 12. Barbara Oehlschlaeger-Garvey, Assistant Director, Museum of the Grand Prairie. Jed L. Taylors, Stake Family History Center. Video | Garvey Slides

September 19. Annie Clay, Director Help Book Online. Barry Ackerson, Associate Dean and MSW Program Director, UIUC School of Social Work. Video | Clay Slides

September 26. Reverend Willie G. Comer, Pastor, Berean Covenant Church. Will Kyles, City Councilman, Champaign. Chris Hamb,Chrisp Media. Video

October 10. Michael Dilley, Fire Chief, Urbana Fire Rescue Services. Video

October 17. Donald Owen, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Urbana School District 16. Video | Owen Slides

October 24. Dr. William Schuh, Chief Medical Information Officer, Carle Foundation Hospital. Jerry Dewitt, Library Manager, Carle Foundation Hospital. Video | Schuh & DeWitt Slides

October 31. John Wagstaff, Head of Music and Performing Arts Library, UIUC. Video

November 7. Denise Osler-Brown, former Computer Instructor, Douglass Branch Library. Please contact Professor Kate Williams or Professor Abdul Alkalimat for access to this week's video.

November 14. Katie Abrams, Interim Director and Assistant Professor, UIUC Ag Com/Coll of Media/ACES. Abigail Sackmann, Research Assistant, UIUC Ag Com and Masters student, GSLIS. Video | Abrams_Sackmann Slides

November 28. Valerie McWilliams, Managing Attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance. Stacie Colston Patterson, Outreach Coordinator, Illinois Legal Aid Online. Video

December 5. Ricardo Diaz, Office of Extension, UIUC. Video

December 12 Jon Gant, Research Associate Professor, UIUC GSLIS, and Director, proposed Center for Digital Inclusion. Martin Wolske, Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Faculty, UIUC GSLIS. Video | Williams Slides | Wolske Slides

Fourth Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series (2011)

All 2011 Videos

September 8. Mike Smeltzer, Director of Network Communications, Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES), UIUC. Teri Legner, Economic Development Manager, City of Champaign. Video | Handout | Anchors Map

September 22. Rev. Eugene Barnes, Metanoia Center. Rev. Charles Nash, New Hope Church of God in Christ. Video

September 29. Roger Grinnip, Director of Information and Instructional Technology, Champaign Public Schools. Christopher Fuller, Director of Instructional Technology, Urbana School District 116. Video

October 6. Debra Lissak, Executive Director, Urbana Library. Marsha Grove, Director, Champaign Public Library. Video

October 13. Bradford Cronk, Technology Supervisor, Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (CUMTD). Stephen Wanzek, Airport Manager, Willard Airport. Video

October 20. Professor Lynette Kvasny, Pennsylvania State University. Video

October 27. Dale Morrissey, Executive Director, Developmental Services Center. Alan Thomas, Deaf Services Coordinator, Persons Assuming Control of their Environment, Inc. (PACE). Video

November 3. Fred Halenar,Information Technologies Director, City of Champaign. Bill DeJarnette, CIO, City of Urbana. Video

November 10 Brian Bell, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Grant Coordinator, Computer Science and Information Technology Department, Parkland College. Jon Gant, Research Associate Professor, Library and Information Science, U of I. Video | Slides-Gant | Flash Prezi - Bell

November 17. Wilma White, Clark Lindsey Retirement Village. Carol Lewis, Salem Baptist Church. Video

Third Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series (2010)


All 2010 Videos

August 26. Beth Sandore, Associate University Librarian for Information Technology Planning and Policy, Associate Dean of Libraries, and Professor of Library Administration. Bridging the digital divide in the U of Illinois Libraries. Video | Audio

September 2. Brian Bell, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Grant Coordinator, Computer Science and Information Technology Department, Parkland College. Bridging the digital divide at Parkland College. Video | Slides

September 16. Frances Roehm, SkokieNet Librarian and Community Liaison, Skokie Public Library, and Member, DCEO Advisory Committee for the Eliminate the Digital Divide Program. Bridging the digital divide in Illinois communities. Video | Audio

September 23. Michael K. Smeltzer, Director of Networking and Acting Director of Physical Infrastructure. Bridging the digital divide via local/federal broadband construction: UC2B. Video | Audio | Slides

October 7. Drew Clark, Executive Director, Partnership for a Connected Illinois. Understanding Illinois digital divide via statewide broadband mapping and measurement Video | Audio

October 14. Herbert Kubicek, Professor of Applied Computer Science (Telecommunications and Information Management), University of Bremen. Understanding the digital divide in Germany Video | Audio

October 21. Greg Bruner, Illini Football Video Coordinator, U of I Intercollegiate Athletics. Overcoming digital divides in a college football team Video | Audio

October 28. Peter Braunfeldt, Professor of Mathematics (Emeritus), University of Illinois. Reflecting on historical digital divides: Developing software for the early PLATO system Video

November 4. Deb AggerttReference Outreach Coordinator, Illinois State Library. Bridging the digital divide at the Illinois State Library Video | Audio

November 11. Adrian Kok, Associate Professor of Social Work, Dominican University, Chicago. Understanding the digital divide for social work practice and research Video | Slides | Audio

Second Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series (2009)

September 10. Kate Williams, U of I GSLIS. What is the Digital Divide? Video | Slides | Audio

September 17. Mike Smeltzer, U of I CITES. Abdul Alkalimat, U of I GSLIS/DAAS. UC2B: The Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband Proposal, August 2009 Video | Slides | Audio

September 24. Maryalice Wu and Dawn Nicholson-Owens, U of I ATLAS. Safiya Umoja Noble, U of I GSLIS. The Search for Broadband Data Video | Slides-Wu | Slides-Noble | Audio

October 1. Sascha Meinrath, Research Director of Wireless Future Program, New America Foundation. Cu-WiN Video | Audio

October 8. Debra Lissak, Executive Director of the Urbana Free Library. Mary Ellen Farrell, Board Chair of the Urbana Free Library. Policy: The Public Library Video | Slides | Audio

October 15. Don Owen, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Urbana School District 116. Policy: The Public School Video | Slides | Audio

October 22. Andre Arrington and Jason Keist, Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club. Solutions: Community Perspectives Video | Audio

October 29. Maria Mobasseri, Computer Science and Information Technology Department Chair. Brian Bell, Part-time Instructor and DCEO Grant Coordinator, Parkland College. Solutions: The Community College and the Community Technology Center Video | Slides | Audio

November 5. Peter Folk Volo Broadband and the Digital Divide Video | Slides | Audio

November 12. Bill DeJarnette, Information Services Manager, City of Urbana. Policy: City Government Video | Audio

November 19. Ryan Croke, Policy Advisor to IL Governor Pat Quinn. Policy: The State of Illinois and BTOP Video | Slides | Audio

First Annual Digital Divide Lecture Series (2008)

UIUC Press Release

October 1. Martin Wolske, lecturer, GSLIS. Building Community Technology Centers

October 8. Imani Bazzell, Center for Civic Engagement and Social Justice, Champaign Urban League. Critical Perspectives of a Community Activist

October 15. Amy Al-Shabibi, technology manager, Champaign Public Library. Kristina Hoerner, Director of Adult Services, Champaign Public Library. Public Computing in a Champaign Library

October 22. Roger Grinnip, Director of Information and Instructional Technology, Champaign Public Schools. Computing in the Champaign School System

October 29. David Ruby, Manager of Computer Labs, Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services, University of Illinois. The Digital Divide at Illinois

November 5. Fred Halenar, Information Technology Officer, City of Champaign. Making and Implementing City Policy

November 12. Ryan Croke, Policy Adviser, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, State of Illinois. Broadband Access for Illinois