I turn to The Bulletin for book reviews I know I can count on.
They are lively, perceptive -- too good to miss.

--Nancy Larrick, educator, author, anthologist

Introducing The Bulletin...

Thousands of new children's books are published each year, but you are able to purchase only a small fraction of those new titles. How do you make your selections? Turn to the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books to help you decide.

More than 3,500 subscribers nationwide rely on the Bulletin for answers to their many questions involving children's literature. The Bulletin, founded in 1945, is devoted entirely to the review of current books for children. It provides concise summaries and critical evaluations to help you find the books you need. Each review gives you information on book's content, reading level, strengths and weaknesses, and quality of format, as well as suggestions for curricular use. Most books are reviewed from publisher's galley proofs. With this up-to-date coverage, you'll know which books to buy the moment they're available.

Regular Features Include...

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (ISSN 0008-9036) is published monthly except August by The Johns Hopkins University Press for the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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