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Blue Ribbons are chosen annually by the Bulletin staff and represent what we believe to be the best of the previous year's literature for youth. See the Blue Ribbon Archive for other lists from 1990 through the present. Please feel free to copy, download, or link to these lists. We ask only that you cite the source.

1997 Blue Ribbons

Selecting the best books of the year can be an invigorating, exasperating experience. We find that some books we thought would age well don't, and some books we thought would fade in the memory turn out to have remarkable staying power. We have a short fiction list this year; the picture-book list, on the other hand, is quite lengthy; and the nonfiction list is equally packed, with journalism and snakes and science experiments jostling for attention. Lest it be said we do not have passionate opinions, the "1997 Blue Ribbon Dissents" is a look at the books reviewers think should have made the list and didn't. We can lament over the lack of stellar fiction for younger readers or rejoice over being able to offer them Preluts ky's poetic abundance, Lester's pithy autobiography, and Mochizuki's triumph of the human spirit. We choose to rejoice.

Janice M. Del Negro, Editor




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