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Blue Ribbons are chosen annually by the Bulletin staff and represent what we believe to be the best of the previous year's literature for youth. See the Blue Ribbon Archive for other lists from 1990 through the present. Please feel free to copy, download, or link to these lists. We ask only that you cite the source.

1995 Blue Ribbons

Along with the discussion of the books themselves, our annual in-office debate over Bulletin Blue Ribbons always includes much wrangling over the definition of the list itself: what makes a book a Blue Ribbon winner? Ooops--not winner, how about "selection," or "choice," or "recipient"? Is it a list of the best books, the most interesting books, the most exciting books? All of the above? Two out of three? After the weeks of wrangling that went on over both the nature and contents of this year's list, I am tempted to indulge in recursive self-justification: the books that got on the Blue Ribbon list are the ones that belong on the Blue Ribbon list. That said, the twenty-nine books listed below were the ones this year that most caught and sustained our attention. May they do the same to yours.

In the five years that the Bulletin has been presenting this list there has been no attempt to balance the list in terms of genre or reading level, a decision that is readily apparent below, with fifteen entries in the fiction division, nine picture books (three of them in one series), and only five works of nonfiction. It is also the shortest list we've had. Thus, more questions: was it a bad year for nonfiction? was it just a bad year? where's the poetry? Does the Bulletin know what it's talking about? and so on. None of these questions can be answered without looking at a lot more lists and making one of your own. Then we'll talk; meanwhile, start your engines. --Roger Sutton, Editor




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