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Blue Ribbons are chosen annually by the Bulletin staff and represent what we believe to be the best of the previous year's literature for youth. See the Blue Ribbon Archive for other lists from 1990 through the pre sent. Please feel free to copy, download, or link to these lists. We ask only that you cite the source.

1993 Blue Ribbons

A list of bestsellers is easy to compile: count the sales and go figure. The Bulletin Blue Ribbons list is a little harder to come by. Only the staff's inherent civility restricts our warfare to codes of chivalry as we read, argue, reread, defend, attack, and finally agree on a selection of children's books that goes beyond the standard criteria for excellence exemplified by many of the approximately six thousand children's books published this year. What characterizes a book for this list are special qualities of innovation, energy, or craft-the extra element it takes to imprint a book on three reviewers who have seen too many books in too short a time. Inherent in the process of selection is our knowledge that three other reviewers would make different choices. Ideally, every reader makes his or her own list. Here are some possibilities for yours...

Picture Books



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