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Wang, W-X., Lin, B-Y., Tang, C-L., and Chen, G. R. (2007) Agreement dynamics of finite-memory language games on networks. European Physical Journal B, 60(4):529--536.

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We propose a Finite-Memory Naming Game (FMNG) model with respect to the bounded rationality of agents or finite resources for information storage in communication systems. We study its dynamics on several kinds of complex networks, including random networks, small-world networks and scale-free networks. We focus on the dynamics of the FMNG affected by the memory restriction as well as the topological properties of the networks. Interestingly, we found that the most important quantity, the convergence time of reaching the consensus, shows some non-monotonic behaviors by varying the average degrees of the networks with the existence of the fastest convergence at some specific average degrees. We also investigate other main quantities, such as the success rate in negotiation, the total number of words in the system and the correlations between agents of full memory and the total number of words, which clearly explain the nontrivial behaviors of the convergence. We provide some analytical results which help better understand the dynamics of the FMNG. We finally report a robust scaling property of the convergence time, which is regardless of the network structure and the memory restriction.
  author={W. X. Wang and B. Y. Lin and C. L. Tang and G. R. Chen},
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