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Hao, B. and Xie, H. (2007) Factorizable language revisited from dynamics to biology. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 21(23-24):4077--4082.

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A formal language is called factorizable if any substring of a word in it also belongs to the language. Symbolic sequences from symbolic dynamics make factorizable languages by definition. In studying avoided and under-represented strings in bacterial genomes we have defined a factorizable language for each complete genome. Recently, in studying the problem of uniqueness of reconstruction of a protein sequence from its constituent K-peptides we encounter again factorizable language which helps to build a finite state automaton to recognize the uniqueness of reconstruction. We present a brief review of these applications of factorizable languages from dynamics to biology.

Keywords: Symbolic dynamics; formal language; proteins; DNA sequence

  author={Bailin Hao and Huimin Xie},
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  keywords={Symbolic dynamics; formal language; proteins; DNA sequence}