On-campus Advising Guide
Financial Aid

Updated 11/11/07

Tuition and fees

Tuition information for the upcoming year is available in late spring. Tuition charges are determined by the number of semester hours for which you register. The number of hours for which you register will fall into one of four ranges. Students with assistantships of 25-67% receive a base in-state tuition waiver and a partial fee waiver based on range. Information on fees included is available at http://www.grad.uiuc.edu/gradhandbook/chapterVIII/section01.asp#topic2. Students with University, GSLIS, or ALA Spectrum fellowships of at least $6,000 receive a full tuition waiver and a partial fee waiver with their stipend.

Complete information about tuition and fee assessments is available from the Office of Admissions and Records, 901 W. Illinois St., Urbana, IL 61801; 217.333.0210 or at http://www.oar.uiuc.edu/current/financial/index.html.

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Payment for tuition and fees is due in full on the 16th business day of the month. Monthly late payment charge of 1.5% is assessed until the balance is paid in full.Additional information is available from student accounts at http://www.obfs.uillinois.edu/osac/students

Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA)

Before financial aid (in the form of loans) can be awarded to students they must fill out a FAFSA form. This is a process that all students who want aid (not including assistantships) in the form of federal student loans must go through each academic year. For more information on this process visit the FAFSA website at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov. The Office of Student Financial Aid also provides a "Top 10 Questions About Financial Aid" list which can help guide students through this process.

On-campus students are eligible to apply for student loans. In order to receive financial aid in the form of student loans you must register for at least 6 credit hours in the fall and spring and 3 hours in the summer. More information regarding financial aid is available through the OSFA website, http://www.osfa.uiuc.edu, or by calling 217.333.0100.

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All students are able to view their bills online through UI Integrate Self-Service. The University does not send out paper bills, so students will need to keep up with their balance through the online system. Students will need to complete the following steps to access their E-bills.

  1. Logon to UI Integrate Self Service at https://apps.uillinois.edu/selfservice.
  2. Select "Account Billing Information."
  3. Select "UI-Pay."
  4. Select the "UI-Pay" button, which will connect you to UI-Pay.
  5. Select "View Current Bill."

Any remaining loan money will be direct deposited into students' bank accounts after tuition is subtracted from the total amount.

More information about E-bills is available at https://epay.uillinois.edu/ebills.html.

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Graduate assistantships are the primary source of financial aid and are awarded by the School, the University Library, and a variety of other campus units. Assistantships range from 25-percent-time nine-month appointments to 67-percent-time 12-month appointments. Assistantship appointments awarded to M.S. degree students between 25 and 67 percent, inclusive, for at least three-quarters of the semester provide waivers of the base in-state tuition and service fee as well as a stipend. Non-Illinois residents must pay the difference between in- and out-of-state tuition. Non-resident students who have spouses with University appointments may elect to be assessed in-state tuition. However, if they choose this option, they lose the tuition and fee waiver that accompanies assistantships. Students with appointments greater than 67 percent or less than 25 percent lose their tuition waivers. Assistants who have tuition and service fee waivers for the spring semester are granted comparable waivers for the succeeding summer term(s) if they do not carry summer appointments above 67 percent.

A majority of students acquire assistantships through the University Library. The process for applying for these assistantships is similar to applying for a job. It requires submission of cover letters and resumes. Candidates are required to interview for positions.

To apply for an assistantship in the University Library, contact libhr@cliff.library.uiuc.edu. Current graduate assistantship and hourly positions are listed on the library's human resources page at http://www.library.uiuc.edu/administration/human/positions/employment.html.

There are also a number of graduate assistantships in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science that are listed at http://www.lis.uiuc.edu/about/jobs/gslis-jobs.html. Some of the positions listed are outside of GSLIS but may be of interest to GSLIS students. Other places to check for openings are the Graduate College Assistantship Clearinghouse, the campus Virtual Job Board, and the GSLIS Graduate Assistantships Bulletin Boards (netID and password required).

MS students with assistantships in other campus units will receive tuition and fee waivers based on GSLIS policy (base in-state rate).

MS students with graduate assistantships at GSLIS and the University Library must be registered and are restricted to the following maximum and minimum credit loads. Students holding assistantships in other campus units must abide by the enrollment requirements of their employer. Students must be enrolled in a degree program in order to hold an assistantship.

Appointment Fall and Spring Summer
Graduate students without assistantships Maximum: 20 hours
Minimum: 2 hours
Maximum: 12 hours
Minimum: 2 hours
Graduate students with (25%-67%) assistantships Maximum: 20 hours
Minimum: 10 hours*
Maximum: 12 hours
Minimum: 4 hours*
Graduate students with fellowships Maximum: 20 hours
Minimum: 12 hours*
Maximum: 12 hours
Minimum: 4 hours*

*Note that these limits are based on University, GSLIS, and Library requirements. GSLIS students must maintain these loads in order to be eligible for tuition waivers.

Exceptions are not normally made to these loads, but you may petition internally if you wish to carry a larger or smaller load by explaining your reasons for the exceptions to your employer and GSLIS. Students may also petition to carry a reduced load in their last semester while they are looking for a job. Permission to carry more than 20 hours in fall and spring and more than 12 hours in summer must be approved by the Dean and by the Graduate College.

For more information regarding graduate assistantships and policies, consult http://www.grad.uiuc.edu/gradhandbook/.
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All students are automatically considered for fellowships awarded by GSLIS. There is no separate application process. Fellowships are merit-based. Most fellowships are awarded to doctoral students. Fellowships above $6000/year also provide a waiver of full tuition and service fee.

The Graduate College also provides a comprehensive, searchable listing of fellowship opportunities awarded by federal agencies, academic departments, the Graduate College, and other resources. For more information or to search this database visit http://www.grad.uiuc.edu/fellowship/.

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Scholarships available through ALA are listed at http://www.ala.org/Template.cfm?Section=scholarships. Other options are posted on the GSLIS Community BB.

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