LEEP Advising Guide
Program Requirements

Updated 6/25/08

Semester information

LEEP classes are offered during Fall (Aug-Dec), Spring (Jan-May) and Summer (May-Aug). Summer classes are usually offered in two sections: Summer I (May-June) and Summer II (June-Aug). Fall and spring semesters are 15 weeks, Summer I is 4 weeks and summer II is 8 weeks. For specific semester dates refer to the UIUC academic calendar. http://www.lis.uiuc.edu/courses/acad-calendar.html

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Summer LEEP

Summer classes through LEEP meet during Summer Session II. Courses during this session are more intense because they are only 8 weeks long and may therefore require additional online meetings or asynchronous work. The on-campus session for summer is at the beginning of the term, which is different than fall and spring. Some students work ahead for their summer class during the break after spring semester. 

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Number of credits

You must complete 40 hours of course work with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 to receive the M.S. degree in library and information science. Of those 40 hours, 6 hours are required. The required courses for the M.S. degree are LIS 501: Information Organization and Access (4 hours); and LIS 502: Libraries, Information, and Society (2 or 4 hours). To fulfill the course requirements for LIS 502, 2 hours of coursework must be completed. For those who want to explore topics in the course more deeply, 4 hours may be taken. LIS 501 must be taken during the first fall semester of enrollment. LIS 502 will be taken at the beginning of the program during the first 10 day on-campus session in the summer.

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Time limit

Most LEEP students pursue the degree part-time over two years. A master's degree candidate with a full-time load can complete the 40-hour program in two semesters and one summer. Master's degree students must complete all requirements for the degree within five years after registering for graduate work. International students pursuing their degree via LEEP are not required to maintain full-time status, which is different from on-campus requirements.

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K-12 Library Information Specialist Certification Program

If you are interested in working as a library information specialist in K-12 schools, the Graduate School of Library and Information Science offers a program that allows you to meet the requirements for the Master of Science in Library and Information Science, while also pursuing the courses and training needed for state teacher endorsement or certification. The requirements for endorsement and certification are approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and are in compliance with the newly issued State Education Standards. For more information consult the K-12 Library Information Specialist Certification Program's website http://www.lis.uiuc.edu/programs/k12/.

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Transfer credit

You may transfer in up to eight semester hours of graduate credit in library and information science (LIS) from another ALA-accredited library science education program. Alternatively, you may instead transfer in up to four hours of graduate credit that is related to but not in library and information science from any accredited institution in place of four of the hours of LIS credit. If you seek to transfer in credit, you must complete a Graduate Student Petition (http://www.grad.uiuc.edu/admissions/petition_instruct.cfm) and must attain advisor and departmental approval. Students need to submit: a completed petition, a course syllabus, and an official transcript showing the grade and credit earned for the course. Course materials, examinations and papers may also be requested. It is not guaranteed in advance that any course will be approved for transfer. You are not allowed to transfer in core courses from other LIS programs in lieu of our two required courses. To be eligible for transfer, courses must have been taken no more than five years before enrolling in our M.S. degree program and grades of either A or B must have been received. Courses may not have been applied towards another degree.

Should you wish to take courses from either University of Illinois - Springfield (UIS) or University of Illinois - Chicago (UIC) for transfer into UIUC concurrently with LEEP courses, you may do so. However, you must register as an on-campus UIUC student that semester in order to qualify for tuition reciprocity. These courses will count as transfer credit and must be approved in the manner stated above.

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Class components

All LEEP courses include required weekly "live" synchronous sessions, asynchronous activities (bulletin board posting, e-mail, etc.) and a 1-2 day on-campus session. Courses also incorporate independent activities (readings, visits, observations, design, etc.). Plan on spending at least 10-15 hours working weekly per 4 credit hours, including time spent in class.

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Recent LEEP courses

Recent syllabi are available at http://groups.lis.uiuc.edu/advising/general/Recentcoursesyllabus.html.
There are many factors to consider in developing the course schedule. Elements include student interests, faculty availability, keeping likely combinations separate, and including required courses (i.e.- school media) among others are all taken into account when building each semester's schedule. New courses are added regularly. If you would like to make any scheduling suggestions, please e-mail Associate Dean Linda Smith (lcsmith@uiuc.edu) or post a message on the LEEP Talk bulletin board.

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